A Promise Kept
Mar 25, 2020
The little rustic village of Vallipuanam in Mullaitivu, once ravaged by war, was abuzz with celebration as Rajeshwary boiled traditional milk in her new home in September 2019. Adaikan Rajeshwary’s eyes lit with joy and pride at the restoration of her family’s dignity. The transition from a tin hut to an eco-friendly home was a big milestone for her. Beaming with pride inside her new Habitat home, Rajeshwari said: “I am so happy that Habitat kept their promise and now I have a beautiful home not only for myself but for also my aged parents.”
The fully completed, environmentally-friendly, lockable house was home not only to her, but also her aged parents. As incense sticks were lit in prayer to the deities that blessed her, she also thanked Habitat for keeping their promise and reassuring her of safety, shelter and sustainability.

Rajeshwary is among the 2,325 families selected to benefit through the ‘Homes not Houses Project’ funded by the European Union, which seeks to provide war-affected families with permanent homes in the Districts of Batticaloa, Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu.
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