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What We Do
At Habitat for Humanity we don’t just build homes, we build communities. We construct safe, affordable durable homes for families in need and we believe that providing families with access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities is at the heart of building healthy and resilient communities.
The Housing Need
Out of the 6 million families living in Sri Lanka, only 5.2 million have some form of housing. More than 800,000 families currently live in poor housing conditions with limited access to safe drinking and sanitation facilities.
Home Is The Key
At Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka, we believe a stable, secure home creates the foundation for change. A safe home gives people the opportunity to be healthier, happier and more secure, and for children to be better nourished and better educated.
Discover how you can volunteer with Habitat and make a tangible difference in the lives of low-income families in Sri Lanka.
Sponsor a Family in Need
Meet the families in urgent need of support. Read their stories below.
Our Impact
For over 40 years Habitat for Humanity has been building homes and changing lives of millions of families across the world.