Defying The Odds
Nov 27, 2018
Ruby is a vibrant young lady who works at the CSEB Production Yard in Batticaloa in a supervisory capacity while simultaneously playing a role of a SME representative. Ruby has been working at the yard for nearly 05 months and takes pride in being able to work in a predominantly male dominant field in her hometown. “This is my village” she very proudly commented when asked why she loved working the CSEB Yard in Batticaloa.

Ruby also told us that the CSEB yards working population consisted mostly of women, and that this made her feel excited to keep coming to work and break the cycle of women being discouraged to be breadwinners in their families. Ruby exclaimed how keen she is to continue to learn more about the EU funded “Homes not Houses” project and keep contributing to it as much as she can, while encouraging the women around her to do so as well.

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