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30th August of 2022

CCTEch has a built-in referral system, allowing the referrer to get passive income by referring new traders to the exchange platform. Our bitcoin exchange script has an efficient trading matching engine to match orders in just seconds. It will help you proceed with trading, substantially reducing trading time. When you purchase White label software, you gain access to a team of professionals who work around the clock to keep the product up-to-date and secure. As cybercrime grows and gets more sophisticated, it is critical to do an application security audit regularly, which can be expensive and time-consuming to perform internally. As previously said, the distinguishing feature of white label software is the ability to “make it your own,” personalizing it to display your branding colors and general visual identity.

One embed offer FDIC-insured services that customers can use to manage their funds, earn interest and pay bills, send money and receive it all from one place. Alviere’s banking technology allows you to easily embed FBO accounts (For-Benefit of) into your platform, so you can offer customized financial services for your clients and employees. FBO accounts allow you to track your finances and use in real-time, which allows you to choose the right services.

White-Label Crypto Exchange Software

Besides innovative add-on technologies we recommend, any of your existing business applications can also be introduced to this ground-breaking ecosystem. Birake mission is to offer both exchange owners and users of Birake network the largest database of orders / users and in the same time to achieve high trade volumes. With CCTech, all your users will receive commissions after the trade of the referral has been completed.

Changelly Clone Script

We at Coinsclone offer end-to-end crypto business software solutions for all budding startups and entrepreneurs who are willing to start a crypto exchange business & reap profits. Advanced and key feature in our binance clone script where users can buy/sell assets at predetermined price on a specific date or without any expiry date. Our software comes with perpetual and quarterly contracts where users can hold their position accordingly by speculating the cryptocurrencies future price. Cryptocurrency exchange software is a reasonable solution when you decide to launch your own crypto exchange. People tend to compare it to outsourcing, when crypto software development is assigned to another party.

If you need to increase user engagement and retention, a well-designed user interface that can deliver a personalized experience is all you will ever need. Cryptocurrency has experienced an unprecedented surge, and despite the opinion… The White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is not only cost-effective but also extremely safe and quick to set up. White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange cryptocurrency exchange software Software has recently garnered a lot of traction due to the advantages it provides. Teams that are technologically endowed always go straight to GitHub, where everything is provided free open-source so that we can spread crypto 🌍 to where it is needed the most. Simply, click ‘create or add a coin’, once the coins are added it can be paired up against other coins in the ‘Markets’ page.

Enterprise-Grade Back End Platform

Furthermore, we have mobile apps for both Android and iOS, so your customers can use your exchange anywhere and anytime. Our software can run with CDNs such as CloudFare to offer DDoS resilience and fast failover. Our software also comes with a strong rate-limiting component that enables us to limit any potential action during a range of time. Posteezy is a microblogging and link sharing startup that lets you post anything with no login.

As we previously mentioned, we provide a platform with tested and acknowledged security. And your custom crypto exchange platform will be secure too since we provide an anti-fraud system with prevention of account hijacking and regular safety checks. Nonetheless, white labels might not suit your purpose and you might need to build your cryptocurrency exchange from scratch.

They can use the time to advertise, brand, and commercialize White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Services. Multiple layers of security (encrypted user access, two-factor authentication etc.) mitigate hacking attempts and ensure that your funds always remain safe. End-to-end encryption ensures that the communication between two users is carried out securely and cannot be tampered with. Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, is a type of multi-factor authentication that acts as an additional layer of security. Instead of only entering your login credentials, you will also be required to enter a code/security key to login into your account. The Domain Name System Security Extensions feature prevents attackers from modifying the responses to various DNS requests.

  • If the new user signs up and trades, the person that sent the link receives a defined percentage of the trading fee as a reward.
  • If you want to receive information about the estimated implementation time for added features we’re happy to provide an estimation.
  • We have the most acknowledged game developing studios as our partners, and yes, their games support crypto.
  • Whatever your unique business idea is, We can be tailored it to suit that.
  • The script is fully a white-label solution, although customization is permitted to distinguish your cryptocurrency exchange from competitors.

The white-label exchange software from WeAlwin Technologies possesses multiple revenue streaming options. They are such as transaction fees, withdrawal fees collection, deposit charges, margin trading, IEO launchpad integration, and revenue through crypto staking. The platform for trading digital non-fungible assets – art, collectibles, music, event tickets, shares, real estate, and whatnot – opens the potential to scale up your crypto trading business. In 2021 the NFT market has boomed exponentially which only predicates its further uprise. Launching an auction or marketplace with many vendors, you automatically become the leader of the exchange audience, creating the further funnel with the maximum conversion and brand loyalty. Advance your users’ engagement and cooperation by introducing new integrated crypto games of chance that offer refreshment after trading or exchange sessions and additional income.

BitGo processes approximately 20% of all global Bitcoin transactions, and supports over 600 coins and tokens. BitGo’s customer base includes the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges and institutional investors and spans more than 50 countries. Our best white label cryptocurrency exchange software provides an exemplary performance by handling several crypto coins or token transactions per second without any latency. Thus, it offers a first-class trading experience to your users on the platform.

What are the advantages of your exchange software platform?

Go beyond trading crypto and expand your business with trading NFTs of any kind, be it pieces of art, rarities, musical works, or stocks. Building a crypto exchange from scratch can take a long time and a lot of money only to choose that the crypto exchange doesn’t perform as you expect it to. You’d also have to invest a considerable amount of developers to get it off the ground. A white-labeled cryptocurrency exchange software is ready to be deployed from the get-go, allowing you to save on precious resources. The architecture of our white label crypto exchange software is developed for all crypto audiences right from beginner to advanced level.

Choose our turnkey solution with an operational cryptocurrency exchange script to avoid the unnecessary costs of developing from the ground up and bringing reliable professionals. The cryptocurrency exchange software liquidity aggregator software comes with inbuilt prime liquidity providers. However, if properly chosen and implemented, white-label cryptocurrency exchanges can substantially boost a business’s return on investments and profits. To set you off on a good start, we have provided a carefully-curated list of the best white-label cryptocurrency exchanges.

How does White Label Crypto Exchange Software Work?

Leading white Label Crypto Exchange Software Development company, We develop a White label crypto exchange software development solution. We offer readymade cryptocurrency exchange software clones to launch your crypto exchange instantly with latest crypto trading features like Spot liquidity, API and Crypto Wallet integration. We are also expertise in providing crypto exchange app development services based on our valuable clients needs and requirements. Start your white label cryptocurrency exchange software today with our reliable and instant white label solutions.

White-Label Crypto Exchange Software

Backed by deep liquidity accrued from over 300 exchanges, ChainUP offers a vast array of solutions for derivative management. Further, ChainUP has a three-layer wallet security framework, apart from a robust DDoS Defence framework for the overall network. White Label DEX is non-custodial, meaning that end-users retain control of their private keys, which is a growing demand of the blockchain-cryptocurrency community. The solution is also cost-effective, not involving any additional customization costs initially.

Manage the global trading of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based digital assets, including security tokens. The cxWallet is a multi-currency wallet which stores all cryptocurrency funds. If an exchange offers three tradeable cryptocurrencies and digital assets (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin), the cxWallet will contain three distinct wallets. And each wallet syncs up with each cryptocurrency’s respective blockchain. OpenFinex™, a proprietary open-source software that uses machine learning to match orders, is designed to facilitate fast and focused order matching in an enterprise-grade trading environment. OpenFinex™, a marketplace platform, is one of the best-performing order matching engines in existence.

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Trade from any device and get support from our experts whenever you need it. To keep track of the markets and trade at the right time, download the Coinsquare mobile application. Your Coinsquare dashboard has robust charts and sophisticated features so you can view the entire digital currency market and trade smartly. No matter what industry they are in, our expert solutions help businesses succeed. Discover our Blockchain engineering team and get started innovating today by building enterprise-class Blockchain apps.

Our Whitelabel crypto exchange clone script can be customized for a variety of crypto exchange websites. Whatever your unique business idea is, We can be tailored it to suit that. Provides platform users with institutional-grade security for their cryptocurrency assets and keys. Velmie offers several options to manage the crypto assets in hot and cold wallets depending on customer needs.

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We provide everything you need for your cryptocurrency trading software to stand out. White label cryptocurrency exchange software helps you be ready to launch right from the start. This makes it the best option for businesses trying to provide their services as soon as possible in a competitive crypto market.

What is Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

Many participants benefit from margin trading because their situation improves. Additionally, it aids in creating a better trading ecosystem that offers profitable results to all participants. Exchanges are only beneficial when they provide increased liquidity, and Kraken focuses on this issue from numerous angles. The API sets everything straight and creates the ideal setting for introducing liquidity to the market. The Kraken script gives you more options and simplifies all kinds of operations such as buying and selling.

The best Bitcoin exchange software

A dedicated and skilled QA team does a thorough study of the needs and thoroughly tests the solutions. The removal of any bugs or glitches ensures that our deliveries to clients are of high quality. Technical experts communicate with startup professionals to determine the precise requirements and business objectives. This phase lays the framework by allocating resources, costs, and a work schedule to create a synchronized workflow that aligns business goals with the right technology platforms. We’ve included a referral program to help you grow the number of users on your trading platform. Users can send a referral link to potential new clients using this feature.