Gulzaar Ahmed - TIMUN Director/Co-Founder (Sri Lanka)
Model United Nations has always been a platform for young leaders to excel and rediscover their true potential. But the ever-rising question of how these students can be true agents of change by directly involving them in achieving the SDGs locally has never been addressed. This year at The International Model United Nations (TIMUN) we changed the outlook of contemporary Model UN in Sri Lanka by including a MUN Field Work, where students debated on a global issue addressing SDG 11 and moved out of the committee rooms to contribute to real change amidst their amazing resolutions.

Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka truly acted as the pioneers in sparking the change in more than 100 delegates this year in providing our delegates an opportunity for being an agent of change. TIMUN’s partnership with Habitat Sri Lanka changed the lives of those visually impaired families at Katana and every stakeholder here at TIMUN.

TIMUN looks forward to working with Habitat in engaging more local and foreign delegates in creating change in the lives of many in the years to come. Thank you, Habitat, for being an eye opener to our students, and being one of our pillars of success.